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Johnson City, NY- TSC Tower Specialists recently completed the Distributed Antennae System installation at the home of the Buffalo Bills, Ralph Wilson Stadium.

“TSC is thrilled to announce a 100 percent increase in service with the completion of the AT&T DAS installation,” said Geoff Starr, COO of TSC Tower Specialists. “We are looking forward to continuing to expand our reach and service offerings across the country.”

A DAS network consists of many antennas precisely tuned to match the areas of the stadium. DAS helps boost broadband coverage, improve reliability and enhance network capacity, relieving pressure on wireless networks when thousands of people in close proximity are actively using their mobile devices simultaneously, like at a football game.

Ericsson contracted TSC Tower Specialists to bring in their experience, quality work and superior safety training programs to execute this project. In less than three months, TSC was able to build and increase network coverage where there wasn’t a network before. Previously, all stadium goers were forced to share a couple of towers a few miles down the road with everyone in the area of the stadium.


There are 33 sectors in the stadium


11 cell sites worth of equipment just for AT&T's room


There were between 25,000 to 30,000 feet of cable ran.